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If you are visiting us for the first time visit, or visit us even once in awhile, we would like to thank you for coming out to see some of the most exciting action on the Seacoast.

Part of the fun of going to Seabrook Greyhound Park is the wagering. Most of the people that wager at the Park, "play" their favorite number or color or name. It's great fun to watch the race and follow your dog as they streak by you at over 45 miles per hour! It's even more fun when the race is over and you are holding a winning ticket!

The odds are better than the lottery and you get to see great racing action.  The Park can be great fun for you and your friends and can be, "A Real Change Of Pace."

It you have never placed a bet before, don't worry it's easy! Just go to a betting window, and purchase a ticket.

Ask for your bet in this order:

1. Amount ($) of Your Bet
NOT THE TOTAL, just the base figure. For instance, $2 Quiniela, $1 Trifecta box, etc.

2. Type of Bet (Click on the betting terms below to learn more about each.  A pop-up window will appear for each term.  Make sure to disable any pop-up blocking software you may have enabled to view each term.)

3. Program Number of Greyhound(s)

QUINIELAS: Lower numbers first (2-4)
TRIFECTAS: Exact order you want your greyhounds to finish (4-1-2)
BOXING: Low numbers first (1-2-4)
WHEELING: Specify whether you want your key greyhound to finish first (on top, 5-all-all). Second (in the middle, all-5-all, or Third (on the bottom, all-all-5)

4. Minimum Wagers

$2 is the smallest total bet you may make. However, $1 is the base bet on some multiple bets even though they will cost more because of the amount of possible winning combinations. Example: The $1 Trifecta 3-greyhound Box minimum cost is $6 because it has 6 possible winning bets.

The $1 wagers are: Trifecta Box, Trifecta Key, Trifecta Wheel, Trifecta Part Wheel. On these $1 base bets, your winning payoff will be onehalf of the $2 payoff.

5. When you Collect

WIN, PLACE, SHOW-Win means to run first to win the race. Your greyhound must win the race for you to win. Place means to run EITHER first, or second. You win if your choice finishes either first or second. Show means to run EITHER first, second or third. You win If your choice finishes first, second or third.

6. Hold Onto Your Tickets!

WAIT FOR OFFICIAL SIGN - Patrons are cautioned to hold mutuel tickets until after the red light, or signal signifying the official placing of the dogs, has been made. No claim will be entertained for tickets thrown away, mutilated or destroyed.

7. Cash & Bet at the Same Time

You may make single bets, or a variety of bets of all types, and cash winning tickets - all in one visit.

Caution:Always present winning tickets first when you plan to bet with the proceeds. Mutilated tickets will not go through the payoff slot of the totalisator terminal.

8. The Odds

ODDS-Win, and Quiniela adds on the tote board are to the dollar and are approximate. They are controlled by computer and change automatically during the progress of the betting.

Ticket Issueing. Mutuel machines, tickets, operation of the odds-board and all equipment connected with the totalisator are owned and supervised by American Totalisator Company, Inc.

9. Program
The program contains valuable information which will help you wager more intelligently. It tells you how a greyhound raced in his/her most recent starts, at what grade, and against what competition. A greyhound's previous performances are the best indication of how he/she may perform today.

(4) The Grade:
Races are graded A, B, C, D, E, and M (maiden, non-winner). Statistically, an A graded greyhound dropping to B grade has a better chance of winning than a B upgraded to grade A

(5) Seabrook Record:
This Shows the number of times the greyhound has finished in the money (1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th) versus the number of starts.

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